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Football Injury

Although football injuries are the most common type of sports injury they tend not to be too serious.

Generally they are the result of landing awkwardly or knocking into other players. Sometimes they simply happen through overuse or failure to address minor injuries that then develop into something more severe.

If you have a football injury it is most likely to affect one or more of the following parts of your body:

Common Football Injuries and Symptoms:

Avoiding Football Injury

The majority of football injuries can be avoided by making sure that you warm up and cool down properly.

How to Warm Up Before Playing:

Ideally you should spend between 15 and 30 minutes warming up immediately before a game by:

How to Cool Down After Playing:

The best way to cool down is to run some laps and then do some gentle stretching.

In addition to warming up and cooling down properly you could also try having regular sports massages to help reduce the likelihood of getting a football injury. This can be a good way to release muscle knots that can develop into strains and tears if left untreated.

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