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Frequently asked questions

Why should I refer a patient to Vista?

Vista ensures that your patient receives the MRI scan in a matter of days – there’s even the possibility for a same-day appointment. Once the scan is taken, one of Vista’s specialist NHS-affiliated Radiologists will produce the diagnostic report within one to two business days. The report is produced by a Radiologist with the relevant sub-speciality expertise, such as a neurological or musculoskeletal radiologist.

Can General Practitioners refer a patient for a private MRI scan?

Yes. Guidelines published by the Royal College of Radiology and the Royal College of General Practitioners provide a framework for appropriate referral for diagnostic services. Practice based commissioning and unbundling of tariffs gives NHS GPs more freedom to refer patients to Vista for an MRI scan. You can find a referral form to download here.

Can physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths refer a patient for a private MRI scan?

Yes. According to a recent joint publication by a collaboration of the professional bodies representing the Allied Health Professionals and the Royal College of Radiology, entitled “Clinical Imaging Requests from Non-Medically Qualified Professionals”, you may refer patients providing you are adequately trained and remain competent to refer. Vista Diagnostics will assist you by means of CPD to acquire the necessary skills to become a registered referrer.  You can download a referral form here.

What are Vista's referral guidelines?

In accordance with MHRA guidelines, to ensure patient safety, Vista only accepts referrals from recognised clinicians. Our referral form is designed to obtain the appropriate clinical information and region to be scanned, as well as relevant patient and referring clinician contact information. You can download a referral form here.

When does a patient require an MRI scan?

There are a wide variety of pathologies for which an MRI scan would be of diagnostic and therapeutic value, including:

Which patients are unable to have an MRI scan?

Due to the powerful magnetic field of an MRI scan, certain individuals cannot be scanned. A patient must not have an MRI scan if they have:

Why refer patients for a private MRI scan rather than a CT scan?

MRI scans give greater detail of tissue structures of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system than CT, without exposing the patient to large doses of ionising radiation.

How do I refer a patient to Vista?

MRI Referral form can be found here

Ultrasound Referral form can be found here

You can either:

Please include as much information as possible regarding the patient’s condition and clearly state the patient’s contact details so that we can arrange the appointment at a convenient time for you and the patient. If you wish a copy of the diagnostic report to be sent to another recipient, such as a GP or Consultant, please provide their details.

What happens if I wish to clarify something in the report?

Vista can schedule a telephone discussion for a referrer who wishes to speak to the Vista reporting Radiologist regarding a diagnosis.

What additional services does Vista offer?

Vista can offer Consultants a range of additional services including:

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